Monday, June 21, 2010

Whatever happened?

I just watched the Steve Wilkos show where a girl named Christina Whittaker went missing. Her boyfriend Travis was given TWO lie detector tests on if he knew about her disappearance and did he murder her. HE FAILED BOTH. Is there any update on this case? Have the police arrested him????? Christina's mother needs her daughter for closure. This poor family. I pray to God that this man Travis is brought to justice!


  1. Read this article. Travis took another lie detector test at the Police Dept when he got back home. He PASSED!!

    Hart column: Missing woman's family disappointed in direction of 'Steve Wilkos Show' appearance

    In retrospect, Cindy Young regrets appearing on a nationally syndicated talk show.

    During Monday's broadcast of "The Steve Wilkos Show," taped about a month ago, Young appeared with her husband, Alex, to talk about the November disappearance of her daughter, Christina Whittaker.

    Whittaker vanished after becoming intoxicated and getting kicked out of a bar in Hannibal, Mo. Her family has spent the months since her disappearance searching for her and still believes she's alive.

    The Youngs thought they were going to talk about Christina, to make a plea for help in finding her. Perhaps they should have done their homework.

    Wilkos is a Jerry Springer protege who apparently has made his name in the talk show world by being confrontational. An alert reader called us Monday morning to tell us The Whitaker taping would be on.

    Also appearing on the show was the father of Christina Whittaker's baby daughter, Dustin Johnston, and Christina's boyfriend, Travis Blackwell. They were flown to Connecticut, and given lodging and a modest stipend for expenses, Young said.

    Basically Wilkos interviewed each person separately, then brought them all together on the stage at the end. Wilkos pointed out that Blackwell had failed two polygraph tests (administered by the show's own "polygraph expert") when asked if he had anything to do with Christina's murder.

    When Blackwell began acting nervously, Wilkos pounced.

    Blackwell repeatedly denied having anything to do with the murder. All the while, Wilkos' bodyguards stood in front of a sobbing Alex and Cindy Young and had to physically separate the various parties several times.

    "I am so disappointed in them," Cindy Young said Monday afternoon. "We went on the show to get help to find Christy, and all they did was make Travis look like a monster."

    With the crowd shouting "Steve, Steve," Wilkos said Blackwell could have been out the night Whittaker disappeared to confront her after she was kicked out of the bar. Wilkos went so far as to suggest Whittaker could have had an accident and hit her head. Blackwell could have panicked and then dumped her body in the Mississippi River, Wilkos said.

    "I don't remember that part," Cindy Young says. "I was so upset. They just shock you, you know."

    Young says Blackwell took a polygraph test at the Hannibal Police Department after the show and passed. Blackwell comes to her house "every day to check on me," she said.

    "I know he would never do anything to hurt her," Young says. "He was here that night Christina disappeared. My son and his girlfriend were right across the hall. He was here."

    Young said representatives from the show called and asked if she would come back "after Christina was found."

    "I wouldn't hold my breath," she says.

  2. To be honest I don't know how Travis Passed the test because before Steve got to the answer Travis deemed changed he was whimpering like a little kid before Steve read out You didn't not tell the truth